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Marc Sauber , Project Manager
Marc Sauber - Project Manager

Marc Sauber has worked at Global Facilities since 2004. His first position as project manager was for Clearstream. He is currently in charge of the Mersch Campus, the Chamber of Commerce, and Clearstream sites, leading a strong team.

43,000 m2, 1,500 students, 250 teachers, 92 rooms, 5 buildings… the Mersch Campus is undoubtedly one of the most awe-inspiring sites for which Global Facilities provides services. “When I started working on this site in 2015, I remember being very surprised by its size.” recalls Marc Sauber, project manager at Mersch Campus since 2015. “The school has an auditorium, a sports centre, an audio-visual room, and even a circus… you don’t see that every day!”

And there is no shortage of work! “We’re on site from when the campus opens to when it closes, and sometimes on weekends during special events.” Between maintaining the exteriors and tending to the ongoing repairs, the Global Facilities team has to be on its toes for 16 hours a day. “Our mission is to ensure that the equipment is always in full working order.” To this end, Marc Sauber relies on the complementary skills of his team; each person who works within the janitorial team is also a skilled worker. “Painter, locksmith, carpenter, electrician… all the different trades are needed when working on such a large site”.

A centre for culture, education, art, and concerts, Mersch Campus owes its success above all to its modern facilities that require daily maintenance. “We have to be able to do everything ourselves, from cleaning to adjusting doors. A team of  technical assistant, project manager, housekeepers and skilled workers work on the campus — and these employees are perfectly integrated and involved in the life of the school.” Each day, we attend meetings and provide advice, because there is always something to discuss or clarify. The key to this collaboration is our flexibility.


The result? “A successful partnership spanning 9 years, since the very first day the Mersch Campus’ project was set up.” Global Facilities’ ability to meet the needs of this large site is thanks to its commitment and role as an advisor—a role that it has carried out from the very beginning of the project, which was the first PPP (Public Private Partnership) in the Grand Duchy. At the time, the contract was the largest of its kind, a premium contract covering 25 years of operations. It offered a full guarantee to the campus and created new opportunities for Global Facilities.

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