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Steve Suhren, Housekeeper
Steve Suhren - Housekeeper

Steve Suhren started his career as a Housekeeper at Global Facilities on 13 March, 2006, working at the large sports centre in Walferdange. He has worked at the Sicosport Sports Centres in Kayl and Rumelange since 2010.

Each year, Steve Suhren and his colleagues janitors interact with nearly 30,000 people in the sports centres, which were completely renovated in 2015 (Kayl) and 2016 (Rumelange). Children or adults who are sports amateurs, competitors, or enthusiasts meet up at these establishments. “People come to exercise, to have fun, to live their passions! We’re here to help them out by providing information and being available”.

From 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Kayl centre, and from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Rumelange centre, Steve and his team make sure that sports enthusiasts and athletes benefit from the best possible environment in which to practice and play. “We’re always there to help. We have different skills that allow us to assist in all situations and to quickly intervene in the event of problems.”

The centres are friendly meeting places for sports—welcoming schools in the morning, clubs in the afternoon, and competitions at the weekend. In order to ensure a friendly ambiance, Steve ensures a warm welcome for guests. “Especially for the international karate competitions in Kayl, which takes place one weekend every year, and hosts 1000 participants from all over Europe”. Basketball, football, karate, badminton, handball, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, and even Zumba classes – those different activities take place during the year, with the exception of school holidays. But these holidays are not a time of rest for the centres’ Global Facilities’ teams. On the contrary, during the periods without public attendance, the team works on projects such as painting or fixing lights. “There are so many different kinds of activities and equipment, there’s always something to do to make sure that the centres are impeccable and welcoming”.

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